Ready to move

After a hectic few months the Kimble family is finally ready to transition to Lima, OH and begin work with Teens for Christ. As I have stated in previous posts we are going to be working with the Youth Ministry Institute, a part of the ministry that works with college interns looking to train for full-time vocational ministry. It is an exciting venture, and one that we are ready to join up with.

As of this past week regarding PhD work at Southeastern Seminary I am now officially ABD (all but dissertation). I met with my committee for comprehensive exams this past Thursday for two and a half hours as they questioned (i.e. interrogated) me over a number of theological issues. It really was a great time with these men of God, I am thankful for the time with Drs. Bruce Ashford, Ken Keathley, and, my major professor, John Hammett. God has been so kind through this educational process and now I just have the dissertation ahead of me. If you are looking at seminary level education you cannot do better than Southeastern.

After I finished that exam in the morning I drove the two and a half hours back home and we packed our moving truck that evening. Thanks to the friends from our adult class at church who assisted us, it was a fantastic time. We will be arriving in Lima on Monday and hit the ground running. God is good.

With the transition my hope is to be much more consistent with this blog. I also hope to narrow my focus a bit and really hone my posts onto four primary areas: spiritual formation, leadership, communication (i.e. preaching and teaching), and the church. I feel these are areas that best align with my passions and knowledge base, so we’ll see how it goes. To our God who is able to do far beyond all that we can ask or think, to Him be the glory (Eph 3:20-21).


About jeremykimble

Currently I am husband to a wonderful, godly wife, father of two beautiful children, associate director of the Youth Ministry Institute, PhD student in theology, and online instructor at Liberty University and Taylor University. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ who earnestly desires to glorify God, engage in a lifestyle of worship, ruthlessly kill sin, and participate in God's mission to all peoples.
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